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Aslan Trends Baby Llama and Mulberry Silk #5623, Navy

Aslan Trends Baby Llama and Mulberry Silk #5623, Navy



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Brand:  Aslan Trends
Weight:  Worsted
Ball Weight:  100g
Yardage:  218 yards / 200 meters
Fibre:  70% Llama, 30% Mulberry Silk
Needle size:  US #6-8 / 4-5mm
Care:  Hand Wash
Main Fibre(s):  Baby Llama

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This is shade #5623, Navy, from the Aslan Trends Baby Llama and Mulberry Silk range.Itis more of an air force blue than a navy blue - whoever named the colours in this range did not do a very good job!
This is a luxury yarn spun from the finest baby llama and best quality mulberry silk.The silk comes from silkworms raised in captivity and they are only fed mulberry leaves. This diet makes the silk rounder, finer and smoother than that produced by silkworms in the wild where they eat a variety of leaves and plants.
Ideal for a special project, this yarn oozes quality both when you look at it or touch it.

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