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Jamieson of Shetland are a long established family business who only use Shetland sheep for their yarns. To compliment these yarns, there is a range of pattern books. Some of the patterns use traditional fairisle and aran stitches but others utilize modern color combinations and shapes.
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Jamieson Andalucia Scarf Pattern

Jamieson Andalucia Scarf Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Autumn Tam Pattern

Jamieson Autumn Tam Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Bleeding Hearts Shawl Pattern

Jamieson Bleeding Hearts Shawl Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Cabled Yoke Jacket Pattern

Jamieson Cabled Yoke Jacket Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Cockleshell Scarf

Jamieson Cockleshell Scarf$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Fallen Leaf Shawl Pattern

Jamieson Fallen Leaf Shawl Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Flowing Cables Sweater Pattern

Jamieson Flowing Cables Sweater Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Greenwood Tam Pattern

Jamieson Greenwood Tam Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Meadow Shawl Pattern

Jamieson Meadow Shawl Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Raga Pullover Pattern

Jamieson Raga Pullover Pattern$15.00   $7.50

Jamieson Redbud Slipover Pattern

Jamieson Redbud Slipover Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Rose Garden Shawl Pattern

Jamieson Rose Garden Shawl Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson SImply Shetland  1

Jamieson SImply Shetland 1$37.50   $18.75

Jamieson Simply Shetland 3

Jamieson Simply Shetland 3$37.50   $18.75

Jamieson Simply Shetland 4

Jamieson Simply Shetland 4$37.50   $18.75

Jamieson Strawberry Vines Scarf Pattern

Jamieson Strawberry Vines Scarf Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson Teardrop Shawl Pattern

Jamieson Teardrop Shawl Pattern$10.00   $5.00

Jamieson The Lynda Shawl

Jamieson The Lynda Shawl$12.00   $6.00

Jamieson's Colsay Shawl Pattern

Jamieson's Colsay Shawl Pattern$15.00   $7.50

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