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Miscellaneous Knitting Tools

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Addi Click Heart Stoppers

Addi Click Heart Stoppers$11.50   $5.75

Addi Needle Huggers

Addi Needle Huggers$12.00   $6.00

Brittany Needle Wax

Brittany Needle Wax$13.50   $6.75

Clover ''Beanie'' Knitting Needle Gauge

Clover "Beanie" Knitting Needle Gauge$4.00   $2.00

Clover Thread Cutter Pendant

Clover Thread Cutter Pendant$12.00   $6.00

Daisychain  Pattern Counter

Daisychain Pattern Counter$7.50   $2.00

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Eucalyptus

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Eucalyptus$8.00   $2.00

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Grapefruit

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Grapefruit$8.00   $2.00

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Unscented

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Unscented$8.00   $2.00

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Wrapture

Eucalan Delicate Wash - Wrapture$8.00   $2.00

Eucalan Lint Removers

Eucalan Lint Removers$6.00   $2.00

Knit Pro  Symfonie Cable Needles

Knit Pro Symfonie Cable Needles$6.50   $2.00

Knit Pro Aluminium Stitch Holders

Knit Pro Aluminium Stitch Holders$5.00   $2.00

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Page 1 of 3:    45 Items
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Rowan Around Holme

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Rowan Kaffe's Colours

Rowan Kaffe's Colours$12.50

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