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These buttons are not seconds or inferior in any way. Most of them came from Rowan Yarns and are buttons that their designers experimented with but did not actually use in any designs.

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Green and Cream Flower Buttons

Green and Cream Flower Buttons$1.00

Green and Lilac Swirl Buttons

Green and Lilac Swirl Buttons$1.00

Gunmetal Fretwork Buttons

Gunmetal Fretwork Buttons$1.00

Large ''Silver'' Daisy Buttons

Large "Silver" Daisy Buttons$1.25

Large ''Silver'' Heart Buttons

Large "Silver" Heart Buttons$1.25

Large ''Silver'' Oval Buttons

Large "Silver" Oval Buttons$2.00

Large Coconut Shell Buttons

Large Coconut Shell Buttons$1.00

Oblong ''Silver'' Abstract Buttons

Oblong "Silver" Abstract Buttons$1.00

Openwork Brown Wooden Buttons

Openwork Brown Wooden Buttons$1.00

Openwork Red Wooden Buttons

Openwork Red Wooden Buttons$1.00

Pink and Green Paisley Buttons

Pink and Green Paisley Buttons$1.00

Red  Flower Buttons

Red Flower Buttons$1.00

Silver Flower Buttons - Medium Size

Silver Flower Buttons - Medium Size$1.00

Silver Horn Shaped Buttons

Silver Horn Shaped Buttons$1.25

Silver Raised Heart Buttons

Silver Raised Heart Buttons$1.00

Small ''Brass'' DIshed Buttons

Small "Brass" DIshed Buttons$0.75

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Page 3 of 4:    70 Items
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