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Swarovski Beads and Crystals

Be creative! Embellish a plain garment with some of these gorgeous beads and crystals. Choose a matching or contrasting colour - the sky's the limit!

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Swarovski 8mm Violet Crystals

Swarovski 8mm Violet Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Amethyst Selection

Swarovski Amethyst Selection£26.71   £13.36

Swarovski Aquamarine 6mm Crystals

Swarovski Aquamarine 6mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Black Pearl Selection

Swarovski Black Pearl Selection£26.71   £13.36

Swarovski Crystal  Selection

Swarovski Crystal Selection£33.39   £16.69

Swarovski Crystal 4mm Crystals

Swarovski Crystal 4mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Crystal 8mm Crystals

Swarovski Crystal 8mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Gold Selection

Swarovski Gold Selection£26.71   £13.36

Swarovski Iridescent Selection

Swarovski Iridescent Selection£33.39   £16.69

Swarovski Petrol Selection

Swarovski Petrol Selection£26.71   £13.36

Swarovski Rose Bead and Crystal Selection

Swarovski Rose Bead and Crystal Selection£26.71   £7.86

Swarovski Silver Selection

Swarovski Silver Selection£26.71   £13.36

Swarovski Topaz 6mm Crystals

Swarovski Topaz 6mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Topaz Selection

Swarovski Topaz Selection£33.39   £16.69

Swarovski Violet 4mm Crystals

Swarovski Violet 4mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Violet 6mm Crystals

Swarovski Violet 6mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

Swarovski Violet 8mm Crystals

Swarovski Violet 8mm Crystals£16.50   £8.25

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Page 1 of 1:    17 Items
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