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Addi Lace Circular Needles

Addi Lace Circular Needles

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Brand:  Addi
Material:  Metal

In response to popular demand, Addi have created some needles especially for lace knitters!.These needles have sharper tips than normal Addis and these help you to manipulate your stitches when lace knitting. They are made from hollow brass and have a resin coating which provides an extremely discreet hint of drag to the needle surface. This helps you to keep control of fine lace stitches.
The red transparent nylon cord is thinner and more supple than the standard Addi cord, and the join is perfectly smooth and well-tapered.  The cord lists the manufacturer, country of origin, needle size in US and metric, and cable length in inches and cm.
They are packaged individually in strong poly bags with a card that has a needle gauge cut into it.

Please select the length and size from the drop down boxes.


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Metric SizesUK US
2.0 mm 14 0
2.25 mm 13 1
2.75 mm 122
3.0 mm11 -
3.25 mm 103
3.5 mm -4
3.75 mm 95
4.0 mm 86
4.5 mm 77
5.0 mm 68
5.5 mm 59
Metric SizesUK US
6.0 mm 4 10
6.5 mm 3 10 ½
7.0 mm 2-
7.5 mm1 -
8.0 mm 011
9.0 mm 0013
10.0 mm 00015
12.0 mm -17
16.0 mm -19
19.0 mm -35
25.0 mm -50
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