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Tuliptree Oval Fuchsia Button
 Tuliptree Oval Fuchsia ButtonTuliptree Oval Fuchsia Button 

Tuliptree Oval Fuchsia Button



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Brand:  Tuliptree

This Tuliptree button has a fuchsia background with a swirly design in pink, sea green. grey and tan. It measures 55mm across the widest part  and has two holes for fixing .  It would be nice as a statement on a jacket or cardigan that only needs one button.
Tuliptree buttons are handmade from Polymer Clay which is layered in various colours and then cut into rounds to make the buttons with each one being unique. . They are machine washable and are very light and suitable for flimsy fabrics as well as chunky knits.  They are quite expensive but they are worth it and will give any garment a perfect finishing touch.

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